September 16, 2017

Berg in February 2017

I'm Sunny and I'm Berg's mommy. I recently decided to start a blog for him. I will post the photos of him from each month up until current time to catch this blog up.

This post is of photos from February 2017.

Berg on my stomach.

Berg in his playpen.

Berg napping next to the AC vent. I think he just heard something. XD

Berg got some apple.

He ate it. XD

Giving Berg a pet on the back.

Berg's box castle!

Gave Berg a piece of bamboo to play with. He's in his IKEA box napping.


Berg playing on his IKEA box.

That is all the bunny photos I have for today. I hope you have enjoyed it. Don't forget to keep in touch with the social media sites which can be found here. I hope you loved the photos. If you did, please don't forget to share the blog post with friends!