November 08, 2017

Bunny & Pleasanton Flooding - February 2017 Vlog

I'm Sunny and I'm Berg's mommy. I recently decided to start a blog for him. I will post the video blogs of him from each month up until current time to catch this blog up.

In this vlog, I show you my pet bunny Berg and flooding of the Arroyo Del Valle Creek in Pleasanton, CA. I know you guys love my pet bunny Berg, so in this video, you can watch him do bunny business. I also shot videos of the flooded Arroyo Del Valle Creek. The creek has now turned into a river due to the recent San Francisco Bay Area mega storms. There are many downed trees in the creek, and the creek has risen to a level where parts of the trail is now underwater. The rest of my month's shenanigans is in Part 1 and Part 3.

Arroyo Del Valle Creek Cellphone Photos (2/16/2017)

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