October 02, 2019

Berg from July to October 2018

Here are the photos of Berg from July to October 2018.

Note from Berg's Mommy: I've been dealing with vision impairment since August 2018, so everything has slowed down for me, and using a computer has become quite challenging. I'll do my best to post more photos of Berg.

Berg looking because he is about to get a treat.

Berg begging for a treat.

Berg looking at me for another treat.

 That rabbit is messing with me. Technically it's not against the rules to "nap near the cables". I always watch him very closely when he does this. He's waiting for me to leave.

Berg looking at me hoping for something more tasty than his regular food. 

Berg's giant play pen. 

Berg looking at the camera.

Berg looking at the camera.

Berg pooping.

Berg taking a nap.

Berg not a big fan of the political flyers before the midterm elections. :D He had a blast chewing those up.

That is all the photos of Berg from July to October. I hope you have enjoyed it. Don't forget to keep in touch with the social media sites which can be found here. I hope you loved the photos. If you did, please don't forget to share the blog post with friends!